Superficial peels are used to enhance the appearance of changes in pigment in the acne scars, skin or fine wrinkles of all types of skin. This type of chemical peel can be done on the face and other body parts. The superficial peel can also be used to set the skin for a more deep peel. The other type of peel is the medium peel. It is used to treat mild wrinkles, long term damage caused by the sun, changes of pigment and precancerous lesions of the skin.

These medium peels are majorly used on the face. Deep peels are the third types of chemical peel. They are better when treating severe wrinkles; pronounced changes of the pigments, long term sun damage and skin growths. They are used only on the face. The bleaching property of the deep peels makes it unsuitable for dark skin type.

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Sometimes people may prefer doing the chemical peels with laser resurfacing for a more dramatic effect.  There are some things you may do that may restrict you from using chemical peel. If you used isotretinoin recently, had a facial surgery recently, if the area you want to be treated has been affected by active herpes infection, had an immune system that is impaired which may delay healing of the skin or may be having allergies.

A superficial peel majorly reduces sun damage but does not totally eliminate them. The results may take time before they appear and when they do they are minimal. You may need to repeat the peels to produce the best effects. For medium peel it is very effective if you want to reduce fine wrinkles. In order to produce the best effects, you need retreatment after 3 to 5 months. Deep peel removes wrinkles and may cause skin tightening. They form dramatic effects. But you cannot have numerous deep phenol peels.

The results are affected by your type of skin, care you take after and before the peel, your doctor’s experience and your lifestyle after the process. Some skin types respond better than others to chemical peels. Individuals who are light skinned and prevent sun exposure may have better results than ones with dark skin and those who expose themselves frequently to the sun. You should talk to a doctor before taking chemical peel to find out what results you expect.

After a chemical peel you should expect skin color changes and changes of skin texture brought by aging and sun exposure. Peels are not a total and permanent solution for these issues.


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